Where do I find product datasheets and specifications?

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The fastest way to find product datasheets and documents on the Jacobsen website is to use the downloads library.

To get there, click on “commercial” to enter the commercial area of the website.

Then click “downloads” in the sub-navigation menu.

Here, you can either search the for the product you’re looking for, or you can use the category and brand filters to narrow down your search.

To find the slip test for Tarkett iQ Granit, for example, I’ll type “Granit” into the search field and hit enter.

All the documents that contain the word “Granit” will load.

Sometimes, depending on how specific your search was, it might be difficult to tell which is the correct document.

That’s why we’ve included Product Results near the bottom of the page.

In this example, we can see there are several ranges that include the word “Granit” in the name.

I can click on the range I was looking for to reveal the related documents.

Here is the slip test I was looking for. Just click on it to download the PDF.

Using the download library is the quickest way to find datasheets and documents.

It’s also possible to find the same documents on the Collection and Range pages.

Just look for the “Downloads” tab.