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Jacobsen Aspecta LVT Flooring & NZ Building Code E3

E3 – Amendment 7 to Acceptable Solution E3/AS1 for Internal Moisture

Amendment 7 to the Acceptable Solution E3/AS1, for Clause E3 Internal Moisture of the New
Zealand Building Code came into force on 3 November 2021, with the previous Amendment 6
expiring on this date. Amendment 7 was effective from 5 November 2020, however, was subject to a one-year transition period.

One of the main changes is that Amendment 7 now includes the reclassification of dishwashers and washing machines as Sanitary Appliances and basins and sinks as Sanitary Fixtures. There is a requirement for ensuring flooring solutions which must now have a finish that is both impervious and easily cleaned extending at least 1.5 metres from all sanitary fixtures and appliances.

Independently Tested – Jacobsen Aspecta Elemental LVT Flooring is an E3 Alternative Solution

Independently tested in New Zealand by SGS Industrial Certification Services, a 48-hour water
spill test showed that there was no noticeable change to the Jacobsen Aspecta Elemental LVT
Flooring and that there was no water penetration through to the flooring substrate when installed
using the following method:

  • Substrate Flooring Membrane: If required, substrate to be protected by Uzin PE460 2-
    Component Epoxy Blocking Primer to act as a barrier against moisture penetration.
  • Jacobsen Aspecta Elemental LVT adhered to the substrate using Uzin KE68T 1-
    Component Hybrid Adhesive.
  • All perimeter edges and penetrations to be sealed with a MS Silicone.

  • A membrane is only required in a defined wet area such as a bathroom or shower
    room, however, in a multilevel residential building this should be a consideration.
  • In a kitchen/scullery area the Uzin KE68T Hybrid Adhesive provides a sufficient barrier
    against moisture penetration to the substrate.
  • If required a suitable levelling compound will be recommended by Jacobsen and Uzin.