Does Dincel walling satisfy the fire requirements of the Building Code?

Yes. Please see Dincel’s PASS (Product Assurance Supplier Statement) which makes a clear and rigorous statement that the product complies with all the necessary regulations and legislation including Durability, Fire (C3, C4, C6), External Moisture, Hazardous Building Materials and Airborne Impact and Sound. The test reports and supporting evidence are available for download on our website.

Ignitability, Combustibility & Fire Spread: Large scale AS ISO 9705 and AS 5113/BS 8414 testing was conducted at Warringtonfire in 2019. Through detailed assessment by Warringtonfire and Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers, it has been demonstrated Dincel satisfies the fire requirements of the 2019 NCC.

FRL: Tests carried out at Warringtonfire and CSIRO have certified that the polymer webs do not unduly affect the concrete wall’s FRL (Fire Resistance Level). An FRL of up to 240/240/240 can be achieved with the 200mm and 275mm profiles (the "structural adequacy" component must be calculated and confirmed by project’s structural engineer).

Smoke: An AS ISO 9705 test demonstrated that Dincel emits a Smoke Growth Rate (SMOGRA) which is 7 times below the NCC limit.

Joints & Penetrations: AS 1530.4 testing was conducted at Warringtonfire to demonstrate that Hilti fire rated caulking and fire collars can be applied straight onto the Dincel skin – no need to cut away the Dincel skin underneath.